How Big A Cabin Should We Rent For Our Vacation?

Any time of year is the right time to be booking an overnight rental in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Whether you're planning a fall getaway, a Thanksgiving family get-together or even Christmas in the Smokies, you need to do a little planning ahead and first decide exactly how large a cabin you'll need before you make your reservation.

Play games with the family

If you browse all the Wears Valley cabin rentals available on our website, you'll see cabins ranging from one to twelve bedrooms. So obviously, the first thing you'll need to know is a pretty firm number when it comes to the size of your travel party. If it's just you and a spouse or significant other, then your best bet is a one-bedroom cabin. Our single-bedroom properties are cozy but still provide all the space and amenities that two people would need, whether you're making a weekend getaway or perhaps even taking a honeymoon trip.

But let's say you're a couple with two kids. You could save a little money and book a one-bedroom cabin that comes with a sleeper sofa. Mom and dad get the bedroom, while the kids get the foldout. Or you could also consider getting a two-bedroom cabin so that the parents and kids have their own private spaces. A lot of that may depend on how old your kids are. Younger kids are more likely than teenagers to think the couch is fun.

Sometimes, two couples might travel together or perhaps a group of several friends. This is another case for the two-bedroom cabin, but depending on how close the group of friends is – or perhaps even the genders of the people in the group – you might even consider a three-bedroom cabin. A lot of that ultimately boils down to cost considerations and how much individual space each person prefers. And again, many overnight cabins have sleeper sofas, so even with a two-bedroom cabin, you can often sleep six guests.

Sleep in luxury

If you start getting into a family reunion situation, then you'll definitely need a larger cabin with three or four bedrooms or even more. In that case, you can comfortably sleep from eight to 20 adults. But always be sure to investigate the individual bedroom configuration of the property you're considering. Sometimes, an owner might place multiple beds in one bedroom, so that can always affect the ultimate head count.

And don't forget about five-bedroom lodges one up to 12 bedroom lodges at some companies, which is suitable for anything from a family reunion to a corporate retreat.